Conditions of Entry and Sale

  1. Each adult artist may enter up to seven original, uncopied works, entered on the accompanying official entry form. An entry form may not necessarily be displayed. The Club reserves the right, at any stage of the Exhibition, to hang or withdraw any work. Our entry fee is for handling and so is not refundable.
  2. Each Young artist may enter up to three original, uncopied works on the accompanying form. No entry Fee for this category & if any works are sold, a 10% commission will be retained by the Hamilton Rotary Club.

Please measure diagonally to outside corners of frame:
Up to 150cm is a standard size
Greater than 150cm is large size
See entry form for entry fees

  1. Not acceptable for this art show are art works in three dimensions, glass, beaten copper, batik, poker work, bark arrangements, plaster relief work, unprotected tempera and wet paintings, Photographs or any works produced using image projection or tracing techniques.
  2. Each painting shall be suitably framed ready for hanging.
    Stretched Canvas is considered suitable framing, provided it has adequate cross members. Paintings must be fitted with substantial hanging wire with flush “D hooks” so that there are no protrusions that can damage other works in transit.
  3. Please note there is a higher entry fee for large paintings.
  4. Each work must be clearly labelled with the artist name & the title of the work. Labels must be securely attached to the back of the work.
  5. Each entrant shall complete and sign an entry form & submit with payment. Please see notes at the bottom of the entry form for submission & payment options.
  6. Except for the Young Artist category, All paintings entered for the show shall be for sale.
  7. The Rotary Club reserves the right to exhibit such of the entries as the Club may select and the Club shall be entitled to offer such entries for sale, at the sale price endorsed on the entry form and in the event of the sale being effected the Club shall be entitled to retain 25% of the sale price as a selling commission for adult artists & 10% for those in the young artists category.
  8. The Organisers will not enter into discussion either verbally or in writing on any judgement.
  9. The Club will exercise all reasonable care in handling the works submitted, but will not be responsible for the loss of or any damage to any works while in the custody of the Club or the Club’s agents. It is strongly recommended that artists organise appropriate insurance for their works.
  10. Entries must be delivered free of all charges. No payment whatsoever will be made by the Club for freight or other charges incurred in delivery or return of the entry.
  11. Every endeavour will be made to hang all of your entries together.
  12. If a competitor shall fail to remove his or her work or works from the designated address as provided in these conditions, the Club, after sending by registered post to the competitor at his or her last known address one month’s notice of the Club’s intention to sell or otherwise dispose of such work, or in the event of no address of the competitor being known to the Club then one month after advertising notice of such intentions in a newspaper may sell such work or works and after deducting from the proceeds the costs of and incidental to the sale shall hold any balance for the competitor PROVIDED however that in the event of such work or works being in the opinion of the Club unsaleable then the Club may, in lieu of selling the same, destroy or otherwise dispose of it or them in such manner as the Club may deem fit and thereafter the Club shall be under no liability whatever to the competitor in respect of any work so destroyed or disposed of. Any notice sent by post or aforesaid shall be deemed to have been received by the competitor on the date when it would have been delivered in the ordinary course of post.
  13. The Club may allow any work entered to be reproduced by any medium for advertising & promotion purposes.
  14. Paintings will be received and may be collected at the venues and at times indicated on the IIB.
  15. The Sale Price shall include any applicable Goods & Services Tax (GST).
  16. All prizes subject to availability of sponsorship.
  17. All entries must be received in accordance with entry closing dates & times in the IIB . Late entries may be accepted but they may not be catalogued.
  18. Any one painting can win only one prize from categories A to G.
  19. We have taken reasonable care to ensure the entry form information is correct at the time of publishing. However changes are made and mistakes happen. For the latest entry form & information refer to our website.
  20. We reserve the right to place the artist’s work in the correct section. We will endeavour to contact the artist to advise same.

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